Degraded Antibody Drug Conjugation:

We are also offering a DAC’s synthesis, Linker optimisation using various length and match-pair (PEG/Alkyl/Rigid linkers) with Thalidomide, VHL, Lenalidomide, Pomalidomide follow-by cleavable/non-cleavable linkers with active site in high purity and adequate to allow clients for rapid screening for bio-conjugation and DAR ratio.

DAC’s has several potential advantages over PROTAC such as:

Building on our expertise to support cytotoxic chemistry program and highly potent chemistry, we are also offering to projects in ADC technology as per client requirements such as,

  • It can deliver the degraders with poor physicochemical or DMPK properties in vivo

  • Avoid complex formulations that are often necessary for PROTACs to gain activity upon in vivo exposure

  • Target PROTAC molecules of interest to specific tumours or tissues


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