Bespoke intermediates for ADCs

Building on our expertise to support cytotoxic chemistry program and highly potent chemistry, we are also offering to projects in ADC technology as per client requirements such as,

  • Synthesis, development and scale-up of bespoke linkers

  • Synthesis and scale-up of Linker-reagents

  • Synthesis and scale-up of Reagent-Linker-Payload

  • Synthesis and scale-up of Peptide scaffolds and associated intermediates

  • Synthesis of Peptide linkers

  • Synthesis of Site-specific linkers

  • Synthesis of PEG linkers

  • Synthesis of Val-ala-PAB-PNP

  • Maleimido chemistry

  • Disulphide chemistry

  • Hydroxysuccinimide chemistry

  • PEGylation

  • Tools for Lysine and Cysteine based conjugation

  • Click chemistry tools

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